About Us

In 2008, a Team of Environmental professionals founded Emerald Environmental Consultancy Firm, now operating as a division of Venture Emerald ltd. The team set out to change the way Environmental Consultancy companies work. At that time, the profession was infiltrated by experts in other fields, most of whom didn’t have an in-depth understanding of environmental dynamics and the concept of sustainable development. The Firm was formed bearing in mind that Environmental issues are Holistic and require a multi-disciplinary approach. We set out to offer services based on our mastered understanding of environment- development nexus to produce objective, workable and science based solutions. This came at a time when environment and development issues were quickly gaining ground with majority industries/institutions across the region struggling to manage Earths most precious resource, and companies/institutions and governments trying to adopt the going green concept

VENTURE EMERALD LTD isn’t just our name, it is our philosophy. We are focused on venturing towards green solutions on development issues for a healthy ecology based on science-based decision making.

HOM2We design projects that solve problems in the most practical manner possible. Our teams consist of the brightest minds in the Field of Environmental Sciences, Environmental Planning and Management, Ecology, Water and Wastewater Systems Design, Civil and Environmental Engineering. All our senior staff and associates have Ph.Ds and are respected lecturers and researchers in our Universities. Our members of staff are graduates at bachelors and masters levels in fields such as engineering, biology, hydrogeology, finance and other related fields. We all work together as a team in a unique approach to design solutions. A strong focus of our activities lies in working with local partners and building local capacity to engage in natural resource management, environmental assessments and decision-making processes. Working in partnership with our clients, we are able to bring knowledge, expertise, innovation and enthusiasm to any project.

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