Emerald Environment limited

home1The world is quickly adopting a new culture, the culture of going green. Issues such as Climate change, unsustainable use of our natural resources and pollution, are quickly imparting negatively on economic growth. In Africa, the environmental repercussions of decades of unsustainable development are posing a threat to economic growth of various countries, Kenya being one of them. Majority of nations are currently struggling to fire fight and try to reverse the wrongs of the past, while laying in place precautions for the future a future threatened by past decades of environmental laissez faire attitude. We are now in the era of sustainable development, an era where environmental issues are taking a main stage in all development activities. In order to achieve sustainability in whatever we do, be it small scale or large scale farming, industrial development, energy production, or even managing of our waste, it is imperative that we reduce our ecological footprints.

Emerald Environmental Consultants is an environmental consulting and engineering firm domiciled in Kenya, headquartered in Nairobi. We are ready to help you reduce your ecological footprints in all that you do. We specialize in multi disciplinary projects, offering the required expertise on environmental issues and thus helping our clients achieve sustainability, profitability and compliance in their operations. The firm is currently implementing projects in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

home2The firm brings together a team of experts from different fields, with the aim of being a one stop shop for different consultancy services in the field of sustainable development. We offer practical and sustainable consultancies in the field of urban planning, baseline surveys, GIS and Digital Mapping, Waste and Waste Water Management, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Audits, feasibility studies for various projects, and Natural Resources Management.

We have a vibrant culture and work with the best on environmental issues, always keeping a breast with the current issues and technologies. We are open to new ideas, and the sharing of knowledge and information on emerging environmental trends and best practices. Our understanding of local conditions and challenges enable us to develop tailor made solutions for different kinds of challenges. Our connection with research institutions and Universities is important in enabling us to make science based decisions in all our consulting works. The firm is also a member of several professional bodies among them the Kenya Water partnership, Kenya Oil and Gas Working Group, Regional Centres for Expertise RCEGN, House Hold Energy Network (HEDON), Global Village Energy partnership (GVEP), and the Kenya Wetlands Forum.

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